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The Need and Things to Consider Before Choosing Best Air Fryer in the Market

Everyone loves eating fried food; frequent fried food lovers need the best air fryer in the market to enjoy consistent tasty fried foods. You can fry your food with a very good air fryer and reduce the amount of oil consumed, its efficiency is better than the average air fryer.

Imagine there was a way you could fry your food using as less oil as possible, Thereby eating healthy while enjoying your crispy fried dishes.

This is one of the reasons everyone should strive to get a very good fryer. Although there are many brands in the market, the choice should not be confusing. With some guidance you can get a very good one.

What are Air Fryers?

An air fryer is an appliance used in the kitchen for cooking food by spreading hot air around it.When in use air is circulated around the food and it gives the food a crispy nature. Air fryers cook food at very high speed and fry a variety of food like chips, chicken and fish using less oil than your basic fryer.

Air fryers come with controls that can be used to adjust the temperature or set timers as Preferred, you can set the timer and go do other things and the air fryer turns itself off when the stipulated time is exhausted. Air fryers contain a basket where the food is placed and fried to specifications.

Because air fryers use a technology that spreads air round your food in a fast way from all sides, the food is heated and fried equally and fast, making it even better than your basic fryer. Asides frying food, the air fryer can also be used for grilling food.

Who needs air fryers?

Airfryers are basically useful for anyone who loves fried food and would love to eat healthy, ranging from adults to all ages of children.

Benefits of air fryer

Low oil usage; unlike your normal fryer which needs a lot of oil, the air fryer use minimal oil and sometimes no oil at all which in turn brings about a healthier meal. Too much oil brings about fat, so the absence of oil while using a deep fryer also affects your health positively.

Multitasking; air fryers make multitasking easy. You can set up the specific time you want on your air fryer while you go do other things without the fear of burning down the house or your food.

Fast and easy to use; The air fryer fries your food faster than your normal basic fryer, asides from the speed of frying, the food ends up crispier and well fried than the usual. The air fryer is also very easy to use without any complex buttons. Elderly ones down to teenagers can use air fryers with ease.

Safe to use; the air fryer is safe to use; it comes with a timer that puts off the fryer when it’s done making it highly unlikely to burn anything down. It also has a cover which helps prevent you from getting burnt by oil splatters from frying your food, making it safer than your basic fryer.

Things to consider before choosing an air fryer

Before purchasing an air fryer, the following things should be considered;

The capacity of the air fryer
The size of the air fryer
The features of the air fryer
The price of the air fryer

Top Air Fryers

Taking note of all the needed factors, below are some of the top air fryers in the market today;

Avalon Bay AB-Air Fryer200SS – A great Air Fryer which does not really consume space in your kitchen. It comes with a handle which is helpful for moving the fryer about the kitchen.

It comes with a special coating that doesn’t allow oil stick and makes it quite easy to clean.

Gowise USA Gw22631 14th Generation xl electric air fryer – this is a digital air fryer which makes frying less easy and enjoyable. It also comes with preprogrammed frying settings.

Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer – this is a larger air fryer that does more than just frying, if you are looking for a very versatile fryer then this is the one for you.

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