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The Advantages of Installing Laminate Flooring in Your Home

Many people like having hardwood flooring throughout their house instead of carpet because it creates a richer, more traditional look. However, wood flooring can be expensive, and if you have pets or children, it can be easily damaged. In order to get the rich look of wood in your home, consider purchasing laminate for your floors instead of real wood.

The Advantages of Laminate

There are many advantages to installing laminate flooring over real timber floors. Laminate floors:

  • Require less prep work;
  • Are more durable than timber;
  • Are installed more quickly; and
  • Are available in many colours and patterns.

Less Prep Work

It is easy to install laminate floors and they can be installed over most types of sub-flooring. Since they don’t adhere to the surface of the sub-floor with an adhesive, instead interlocking with one another, you don’t necessarily have to remove the old floor when installing laminate. In addition, it can be installed at any gradient, as long as there are moisture barriers in place.

Better Durability

Laminate floors hold up to foot traffic better than real wood flooring, especially if you have kids and pets running through the house. Real wood can be scratched, but due to the coating on laminate, it provides a layer of protection that makes it harder to scratch or dent. It also doesn’t absorb water like wood does, so when you clean laminate, you can use a damp mop to make your floor shine.

Laminate resists mud and dirt better than timber flooring and it also holds up against the sun’s UV rays, so it won’t fade or become discoloured. If you have children or someone with allergies in your home, laminate is a better choice for flooring because it naturally resists both mould and bacterial growth.

Ready to Install

When you purchase laminate, it can be installed in your home right away. In contrast, some timber flooring has to be acclimated to the temperature and pressure in your area, which can take anywhere from three to six weeks. Laminate floors can usually be installed in about 36 hours, so you will have them in your home quickly, and you can place your furniture back right after they have been installed.

Laminate is Versatile

Laminate floors look like real wood and can be printed in many colours and patterns to simulate wood designs. In addition to wood, laminate can also be printed to look like stone or ceramic tiles. With technology that can emboss texture onto the material, laminate can also reproduce some of the feel of wood or stone flooring.

If you want the look of wood flooring for your home, but you cannot afford real timber floors, laminate is a good alternative. It is less expensive than timber, it holds up to an active household better than wood, and you can buy it in many different wood colours and patterns. Laminate gives you the look of real wood floors at a fraction of the cost, so you can still have the beautiful look of wood throughout your home.

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