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Options for Kids’ Night Lights

It’s a fact of life that a lot of kids are scared of the dark. Well, they’re actually afraid of the unknown things that they imagine are lurking in the dark. As an adult, you know that there’s nothing in your kid’s room, but you still check on them over the night anyway. There’s a way to make sure that your kids feel secure and you can know that they are secure: a night light. Night lights produce a soft light that makes it easy for your kids to fall asleep, and also makes it easy for you to check on them without causing a disruption or spilling light into other parts of the room.


Since a night light is supposed to be comforting for your child, you should look into something that he or she finds soothing. Many children find animals to be comforting; that’s why so many children’s commercials involve anthropomorphic animals. A company such as Carlton Lighting offers many different night lights that cover a wide range of animals, both real and imaginary.

These animals tend to follow some sort of theme that indicates a different admirable quality. For example, in much of children’s literature, koalas are known for being amicable creatures that love to eat eucalyptus. For that reason, they’re thought to embody friendliness and gentleness. Many children and parents find this an admirable quality to engender.

One of the other common animals for night lights is the owl. Owls are known throughout antiquity and into the modern world as symbols of wisdom. That’s why they’re considered the symbol of the Greek goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Many parents enjoy the idea of encouraging the pursuit of wisdom in their children. Kids tend to like the giant eyes on cartoon owls.

Fictional animals tend to serve a similar function when they are used as the shapes for night lights. Fictional animals are very frequently used in films and books designed for kids.


When it comes to night lights, the quality of the light can affect how well a child sleeps. The antiseptic white light of a standard light bulb can make it hard for a child to fall asleep. That’s why so many night lights meant for kids are typically shaped like animals and are also a softer colour than bright white. Many night lights use typical white or yellow bulbs but hide the bulbs behind characters or screens that soften and diffuse the light, much like a normal lamp shade. This turns the light a softer shade of green or orange; these two colours have been found to be very soothing for kids. Even colours like red and yellow tend to be too busy and make it harder for children to fall asleep.

When you want to soothe your child’s worries, while also assuaging your own worries, you should look into a night light. To a child, a night light allows them to know there are no monsters in the closet; to a parent, a night light allows them to check on their kids.

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