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How to Become Successful and Earn Money by Being a Fanboy

With all sorts of superhero movies hitting the box office, and with all the announced movies that are just in the initial stage of the hype, any comic book fan is more than happy to be alive right now. Additionally, there are TV series and animated movies, animated series and video games that are all going to be the main topic of the entertainment industry.

Basically, there is something exciting to do each month. However, it’s quite common to ask yourself what you can do about it. Why sit idly and observe when you can participate and use the opportunity to monetize your vast knowledge base and become an influencer.

There are so many different bloggers, vloggers, and streamers and new ones pop up each day, so even though the competition is tight, they somehow manage. In other words, those who succeed have only one major advantage; free time. If you are unemployed, and if you spend most of your time watching your favorite shows and movies, this is a golden opportunity to step out of the shadows.

The community is already interested in the topic, they love to research and speculate what will happen next, so all you need is a fresh perspective and some hard work in order to be discovered. Here’s what you need to do to make it as a fanboy.

Decide on your content

The first thing you need to do is to decide what you are good at and to turn your talents into entertaining content. So, you can write, make videos, make images, Photoshop pictures, etc. The point is to create something you are good at and to make it look good and engaging. If you are good at writing, then open accounts and start blogging. If you know how to edit videos and how to create a good show, then make them.

If you can draw or edit pictures, let your imagination run wild and create something funny and fresh. It would be for the best if you could be a jack of all traits, or to form your own team and to do all of this tougher. You can even use these skills to create your own merchandise and to promote it, or you can do an affiliate program for someone else.

You need to be really innovative, because copying someone else won’t get you too far, unless you can do it better than your rivals. Simply take a unique approach to the whole superhero/fantasy topic. People don’t just talk about them and write fan fiction, they make rap battles, simulated fights, what-if scenarios, etc. Basically, the core of the content remains the same, but you need to mold it into something groundbreaking.

In the event that you are creating written content, it would be wise to use some adequate keywords, to ensure those posts rank better. You can use tools to discover keywords and relevant topics, or you can go on high domain blogs and follow their keyword phrases; whatever you choose. Also, offer valuable and entertaining information! Never create content just for the sake of creating it and develop a strategy before you begin.

Create your own website

If you want to be taken seriously, and if you want to create your own online corner for content you’ll need a website. Depending on the content you have decided to create, you’ll choose an adequate theme for it. Most websites nowadays are made using WordPress. It’s relatively easy to learn and maintain and there is an array of both free and paid themes you can use.

It would be ideal to pick a fast theme with some additional SEO tools so that you can rank better and increase your chances of being discovered. Also, if your website is responsive and your pages load relatively fast, your visitors are less likely to leave. So, make sure you find a good web hosting option and that you have a fast theme.

In case you do not know how to create a website, you’ll need to outsource. You can find web design services quite easily, but you’ll need to ascertain if you are dealing with the right people. So, make sure you go through customer reviews and feedback to find the company that can do a good job on your website. You can visit a website called to find reviews for web design companies and find the people capable of meeting your demands.

As mentioned, use your site to upload videos, articles or photos. You can create a blog section and forum, and if you have some sort of merchandise or an affiliate program, you can create a shop section. It would be good to have a site that includes a lot of scrolling, because it’s easier for people who use smartphones to navigate on your site.

Social network profiles 

The most important element for your success is your audience, and the best way to find them is to be active on social media accounts. This is not as easy as it seems and it will require a lot of time before you have a fully operational base of viewers. Don’t expect to experience any significant engagement until you fill your channel or profile with a lot of content. Basically, you need to give your viewers a reason to stay on your page, to get to know you, and maybe follow the links all the way to your website.

You can post content from your site on social network groups, you can post pictures of your merchandise there and you should be available as much as possible and respond to user’s questions. Do not shy away from spending some money on profile promotion, because Facebook can feature your posts or your group and this way, you can be discovered by more users.

If the your content of choice is videos, then you should obviously create a YouTube account. It will feel weird for a couple of months or maybe a year, since only a small group of people will notice you. Do not allow this to discourage you and create videos regularly. Share videos online, boost those posts! Every view counts, because once you get featured, you’ll witness a significant growth in your user base. Remember to treat your viewers with respect.

Answer their questions. If your viewer feel like they are participating, if they feel noticed, they are bound to come back and subscribe. It would also be wise to have some sort of contests and gift-giving events, so that users are incentivized to follow your posts.


You can either build your career as a streamer, or gradually become a streamer to give your users fresh content. People love live shows, they love this synchronous interaction, and they love video games. Much like with videos and social networks, you need to respond to comments, constantly talk about the game, and offer useful info. Throw in some jokes, to make the stream more fun to watch, and also ensure that the provider offers good loading speeds. If your video is lagging, you won’t get any viewers, because it is a torture to watch.

How you earn money

Well, if you have a site with high domain authority and traffic, if you have a YouTube channel with a lot subscribers, you can always earn some cash by allowing ads to be placed on your channel. Furthermore, more viewers means more potential customers, so if you are selling or doing an affiliate program, then there are greater chances of you selling items. In the event that you are working as a streamer, then people can donate and pay subscriptions to your channel, so there is a lot of income just from that.

Additionally, if you have a large base of users, you will become an influencer. Business owners will reach out to you, and ask you to mention them as part of the content. Depending on your user base, you can increase the price of that mention, since more people will see the video or article. On the other hand, you should also consider this as an option: ask some of your niche peers to mention you in their content, and do the same for them.

This is about it! It is a rough guide on how to tackle this matter. Remember that it will take some time until significant results are visible, but if you are unemployed and love creating content related to your favorite heroes, this is the best thing you can do with your free time. Be persistent, update your channels and website regularly, respond to comments and questions, socialize with your users, and show them how much they mean to you.

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